Who we are?

We are a team of designer with a vision. Our passion is to translate the thought processing into beautiful décor. Apex was founded in year 2000 by Mr. Rohit Keskar & Mrs. Varsha Keskar. Since then, it has accomplished to design spaces where people and their lives prosper. After these 20 years of experience in designing & execution of various types of challenging commercial projects, we are a formidable name in the domain of interior designing. We come with the confidence of undertaking any project around the nation.

At Apex we strive to outperform ourselves every single time; in turn, gaining immense creative satisfaction from our projects. With a wish to provide you with interiors that are made up of your dreams, we work hard towards it. Our efforts lie in converting creative thought line to practicality. Rather than just giving a place its interior, we enhance its aura, bringing out the positivity in it. The end result of it? You will feel like you are living in desktop wallpaper.

Why are we loved?

We Understand: We understand how difficult it is to purchase a space in this booming economy. As a result, we also understand how much your spaces mean to you. We realize that you must have certain ideas and concepts for designing your space in your mind. At Apex, we respect and value your inputs. We work in a coordinated manner; discussing, enhancing ideas and simultaneously learning from our clients.

Quality Meets Experience: Our products are made from the best quality materials and are monitored at every level of production. Even the smallest details are given a large part of our attention. Along with that, we work very closely with our vast vendor base which ensures that our designs are converted to practicality down to their last details. Backed by our vendor base, we have the ability to execute any project, anywhere in India. Quality products coupled with our extensive execution reach make us desirable among the masses.

Our Backbone

In order to provide these services, our company is backed by a team of professionals with technical know-how consisting of designers, electricians, carpenters and painters, with vast experience in their respective areas of expertise. The success of any project we undertake hugely depends on the experience and sure-footedness of these professional who look after the varied demands of the clients. They ensure that every order is delivered on time. We work in a coordinated manner, pooling in inputs, ensuring that a judicious blend of aesthetics and functioning is achieved. We take pride in the fact that each member in our team is in their happy place. This in turn leads to quality work that is our forte.